I did a lot of new projects in the past year. That’s why this website not up to date. A new one is coming soon. Do you want to stay informed? Fill in your e-mail address below and I will be happy to send you an e-mail when it gets updated.

Ik heb het afgelopen jaar vele nieuwe projecten gerealiseerd. Daarom is deze website niet meer helemaal up to date. Een nieuwe website is in de maak. Wil je graag op de hoogte blijven? Vul hieronder je e-mailadres in, dan stuur ik je graag een mailtje met de update.

Katinka is a passionate photographer and designer based in Antwerp.   

She studied at the Sint Lucas School of Arts, where she earned her master degree in the Fine Arts.

Purity is the major theme running through her work. With a keen eye for the visual and the graphic in everyday situations, Katinka is always looking to combine elements of fashion, architecture and culture with some creative ideas and a dash of personality. 

Seeking for a healthy dynamic between proven craftsmanship and new adventures, Katinka wants to inspire and be inspired by others. 

Don’t hesitate to contact her for more work, a fun project, fresh ideas, a creative design… Or just a tasty cup of ginger tea!